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Breaking and Entering: Burglars on Burglary
Paul F. Cromwell
August 2003
Textbook Paperback
Book Description
This is the first textbook available from the Wadsworth Contemporary Issues in Crime and Justice Series about burglars--why they do what they do, how they do it, and what the general public can do to protect themselves. The authors analyze the decision-making processes employed by burglars and discuss what rational processes are used when contemplating burglary. How do residential burglars select their targets? What environmental factors are used as discriminative cues in target selection? What marketing strategies and outlets do burglars use to fence their stolen goods? Cromwell and Olson also look at the desistance process to help students understand circumstances that may lead offenders to end their criminal activities.

About the Author
Dr. Paul F. Cromwell is Professor...

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