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Lone Navy Eagle
W. Ed Parker
June 2000

Larry Tatum
Aug 2002

The O. Henry Prize Stories 2005
Laura Furman (Editor)
January 2005
From Publishers Weekly
Whether culled from literary journals or glossier publications, the stories included in this year's O. Henry collection tend toward the polished, dense and emotionally complex. The best entries also add a burst of something brighter: a strong narrative voice, inventiveness or sheer exuberance. Among the standouts is Kevin Brockmeier's "A Short History of the Dead," which offers a brief but compelling take on mortality as the dead remember the final events of their lives while passing through a way station "city" before they move on to their ultimate afterlife destination. Sherman Alexie's poignant "What You Pawn I Will Redeem" follows an alcoholic, homeless Native American who finds his grandmother's tribal regalia in a Seattle pawnshop and embarks on a quixotic quest to recover his legacy. And Ron Rash's...

Yardbird Suite: A Compendium of the Music and Life of Charlie Parker, Revised Ed.
Lawrence O. Koch
January 1999
Book Description
Revised Edition. Bebop saxophonist Charlie "Yardbird" Parker (1920-1955), a man of extremes in his personal life, was a disciplined musical genius who expanded and transformed the boundaries of jazz. In this revised and updated edition of Yardbird Suite, Lawrence O. Koch fuses musical, discographical, and biographical analysis to thoroughly examine the evolution of Parker's innovative music. Richly illustrated with extensive musical notations, this in-depth study of hundreds of works in the Parker discography takes into account newly discovered recordings and CD reissues. Koch meticulously documents each recording session and provides an array of musical details on theme structure, key, chords, distinguishing phrases, and performance format. Comprehensive biographical material-including the "Bird stories" of...

The Invisible Force
Ed Parker
Oct 2005

The Dial Recordings of Charlie Parker: A Discography, Vol. 76
Edward M. Komara (Compiler)
June 1998
“Another in the impressive series of discography from Greenwood Press....Mr. Komara has done a super job in detailing the Comet and Dial sessions of Charlie Parker....This book will prove indispensable for years to come in serving as an argument settler, among other things. It is an important volume for any serious Bird fan and recommended to others as well.”–IAJRC Journal
“This volume is an excellent addition to Parker scholarship.”–ARBA

Book Description
Dial Records catered to jazz musicians and record collectors. Charlie Parker was one of the major jazz artists to record with Dial. His Dial sessions occurred at the personal depths and artistic peaks of his career during which he introduced a number of such jazz staples as Ornithology and...

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
September 2002
From Booklist
It has been 30 years since the first edition of this encyclopedia was published. Over this span of time, the terminology in science and technology has expanded at a rapid rate, resulting in the addition of some 5,000 new terms in each edition. The sixth edition continues that expansion and now has some 110,000 terms and 125,000 definitions, accompanied by 3,000 black-and-white illustrations. The format continues as in the past, with letter-by-letter alphabetization. Synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations are given within the definition. Pronunciation of each and every term continues to set this dictionary apart from other science and technology dictionaries. It is a large, heavy volume that lies flat when open. It may be time for the publisher to consider a two-volume work for ease of handling by the patron.Each entry is...

Norton Anthology of American Literature: Literature to 1820
Nina Baym (Editor)
July 2002
Textbook Paperback
Book Description
The Norton Anthology of American Literature is the classic survey of American literature from its sixteenth-century origins to its flourishing present. This volume—Volume A—covers American literature from its beginning to 1820.

Study Strategies for Early School Success: Seven Steps to Improve Your Learning
Sandi Ed Sirotowitz
April 2004
Mrs. Alisa Cowan, Scarsborough, ME
"As I use the program, I can see my daughters begin to take more active roles in their own learning."

Kenneth E. White, Neighborhood Learning Centers, Detroit, MI
This is the preeminent guide for elementary school students."

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Critic in Love: A Romantic Biography of Edmund Wilson
David Castronovo
December 2005
From Publishers Weekly
The coauthors' deep familiarity with their subject (they've written biographies of Wilson and edited his letters) serves them well in this spirited, chatty look at his relationships with the opposite sex. Wilson himself reported on his experiences in thorough and unflinching detail in his journals, and this book is similarly not for the prudish—at times it even takes sly delight in the portly critic's unlikely success as a sexual athlete, claiming that he satisfied all his lovers, even into his late 70s. But the biographers also call attention to intellectual relationships based on "affinity... rather than sex" with such fellow writers as Dorothy Parker and Elinor Wylie. All the couplings, sexual and otherwise, are traced through Wilson's writings and, when available, those of the women. An account of his...

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