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Industrial Furnaces
W. Trinks
November 2003
Book Description
The fully updated edition of the "furnace man's bible"
This new revision of Industrial Furnaces, the cornerstone volume in the field, provides up-to-date, reliable guidance for how to best use furnaces.
Continuing a long tradition as a dependable reference, this Sixth Edition helps engineers adjust to changing modes of furnace operation with valuable know-how in critical areas in which experience counts as much as analytical skills.
Thorough discussions address the latest hard information and data for working with industrial furnaces across all industries and specialties, including steelmaking, ceramics, and chemical processes. Broadened coverage in this new edition includes material on furnaces used for composites, glass, ceramics, and other nontraditional materials.
Industrial Furnaces,...

Friends of the People: The 'Uneasy' Radicals in the Age of the Chartists
Owen R. Ashton
April 2003
New Statesman
"The third in an invaluable series of Chartist Studies from the Merlin Press."

Book Description
The six Chartist leaders profiled in this historical study reveal the texture and class dimensions of this push for democracy and social progress in the United Kingdom. From Richard Bagnall Reed, a blacksmith who managed the Newcastle Chronicle and ran guns to Garibaldi, and Reverend Henry Solly, a pamphleteer and Unitarian minister who campaigned for cooperatives and the abolition of slavery, to William Villiers Sankey, an aristocrat and member of Parliament, the social backgrounds of such champions of the Chartist movement are used to explore the role of the middle class in campaigns for working-class rights. Comparative analyses provide insights into the development of dissent and...

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