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The Place at the Edge of the Earth
Bebe Faas Rice
October 2002
From School Library Journal
Grade 5-8-This ghost story unfolds through the first-person narration of both Jenny in the present and Jonah Flying Cloud in the late 1880s. The characters appear in one another's time, but only Jonah is caught there. He and other Lakota children have been forced to go to a boarding school to be stripped of their heritage and to learn the ways of the white man. Jenny, her mother, and new stepfather have just come to Fort Sayers, the site of the events Jonah relates. Accommodation to injustice is impossible for his fiery friend Swift Running River and he is lynched after an altercation with one of his exploiters. In the present day, the boastful son of the commanding general becomes Jenny's partner in her search into the past, and their lively, often humorous exchanges leaven the heaviness of the horrendous...

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