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Good House
Bonnie Burnard
October 2001
Book Review
It's not an easy thing to write a novel about a family. Of necessity--and as the narrative years advance--characters proliferate, success and tragedy accrue, events maneuver to the fore with faintly arbitrary impetus. First-time novelist Bonnie Burnard, however, evades such worn grooves with the purest renunciation: a patient and lovely voice. In A Good House, awarded Canada's Giller Prize in 1999, Burnard documents an Ontario family over half a century with unadorned, deliberate, and tender sympathy.

Flush with post-World War II optimism, veteran Bill Chambers and his wife Sylvia settle in to the business of raising their three young children. Bill logs full days at the local hardware store; Sylvia strings the family's clothes out to dry in the backyard and proffers dinner punctually. Her wasting health, however,...

The Kissing Man
George Elliott
Aug 1998
About the Author
George Elliott was born in London, Ontario, in 1923. He attended the University of Toronto, where he edited the student newspaper, The Varsity. When the Second World War broke out, his poor eyesight prevented his military service and he became editor of the Strathroy Age-Dispatch while acting as Strathroy correspondent for the London Free Press. He later became a reporter and city editor with the Timmins Daily Press, and local correspondent for the Toronto Daily Star. His career in journalism preceded an even more successful career as an advertising executive.

In 1962, he published his first work of fiction, The Kissing Man. He uses the southwestern Ontario world of his childhood as the setting of eleven connected short stories that examine the continuing communal...

Women of Influence
Bonnie Burnard
January 1995

Una Buena Casa
Bonnie Burnard
June 2001
(Paperback) - Spanish

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