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Harlot Red: Prize-Winning Short Stories by Women, Vol. 1
Carole Buchan (Editor)
November 2002
From Booklist
This is the third collection of the best short fiction submitted as entries for Britain's Ashram Awards. Launched in 1996, the awards are Britain's only prize for short fiction written by women, and this collection features the top 12 entries as well as specially commissioned stories by Louise Doughty, Patricia Duncker, and Carol Shields, among others. First-prize winner Frances Childs' "Prospect House" homes in on wild Kim and her stint at a home for single teens. Cynical and bitingly funny, but not without prospects herself, she lands a part in a local play while her roommates end up pregnant and on the dole. In Tania Casselle's "Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake," Robyn finds herself shocked into losing weight by the behavior of a lover but then mourns her past self, yearning for the time when "my flesh surged and swelled like...

The Last Time I Saw Jane
Kate Pullinger
May 1996
Her contemporary entirely successful and beautifully drawn'

Book Description
Audrey is a Londoner. Anonymous in the city, she has left her roots - and her traumatic past - far behind in Canada. But a passionate affair with Jack, and a new friendship with Shereen, bring uncertainties and confusion, and Audrey finds her life becoming inextricably, powerfully linked to the past. For Audrey is haunted by the dramatic story of a 19th-century pioneer, and as she digs deeper into his life, she is forced to confront her own troubled past. Spanning two centuries and against the vivid backdrop of conflicting cultures, The Last Time I Saw Jane is a powerful novel of love and betrayal, race and sex, and the past's magnetic pull on an ever-changing present.

Weird Sister
Kate Pullinger
August 1999

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