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The Glance
Jalalu'l-Din Rumi
Sept 2001
From Booklist
When the great Persian poet Rumi met Shams, his spiritual teacher, the soul-shattering and soul-making encounter and the friendship and ultimate loss that followed became the stuff of poetic legend. In this collection of work culled from the much longer book colloquially referred to as "The Shams," popular Rumi translator Barks focuses on ravishing poems of love and loss that can be read as sexual, relational, spiritual, or all three, for in the context of Rumi's embracing philosophy, soul and body and emotion are not separate but parts of the great mystery of earthly life, a question whose answer is love. Here are some of the most beautiful love lyrics ever spoken (Rumi composed orally rather than in writing), direct and passionate and profound: "out of eternity / I turned my face to you, and into / eternity / we have...

The Rumi Collection
Maulana Jalal al-Din Rumi
Nov 2000
Book Review
America's bestselling poet, 13th-century Sufi bard Rumi, would feel as overwhelmed as the rest of us when trying to pick out just the right collection of his translated masterpieces. To the rescue comes Kabir Helminski, a modern-day Sufi who has wrapped up a sampler of Rumi's inspirational poems. Let's not object that about half of the translations are from Kabir's own hand (in cooperation with his wife, Camille) since they are excellent in their own respect and are accompanied by pieces from the likes of Robert Bly, Coleman Barks, and Andrew Harvey. As editor, Helminski spans the range of Rumi's oeuvre, from the contemplative "Stay Close, My Heart" to the ecstatic "Drowned in God" to the whimsical "Animal Cookies." The magic of Rumi is his imagery. The journey to God comes cloaked in such guises as a tailor, bread,...

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