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Understanding Hubert Selby, Jr.
James Richard Giles
December 1997

Song of the Silent Snow
Hubert Selby, Jr.
May 1986
From Library Journal
These 15 stories from the author of Last Exit to Brooklyn range from clipped street vernacular to poetic description, but common to all the pieces in this slightly uneven collection is a compassionate vision. "The Coat" is essential Selby: an unsparing portrait of a homeless man whose relationship with his coathis lifelineis more humanly meaningful than the violent city around him. A girl on a subway becomes a man's fantasy object, a salesman finds courage and success through fortune cookies, a father smashes a TV to gain his son's attention, and in a twisted way he doesthe son tapes the incident: Selby's work is earthy, thoughtful, funny, and about a recognizably uncaring world. Peter Bricklebank, English Dept., City Coll., CUNYCopyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Willow Tree
Hubert Selby
May 1998
From Publishers Weekly
More than a decade after the publication of his story collection Song of the Silent Snow, Selby (Last Exit to Brooklyn) returns with a breathless and unconvincing tale of the fall and redemption of Bobby, a black teenager in the Bronx. At the start of the novel, Bobby and his girlfriend, Maria, are attacked by a Hispanic gang in punishment for their cross-ethnic dating. Bobby is beaten with a chain; Maria has lye thrown in her face and eventually dies. Refusing to be hospitalized, Bobby falls into the care of Moishe (aka Werner Schultz), a widower who survived the concentration camps (he claims, however, that he is not a Jew) and the death of his son in Vietnam. While Bobby plots an elaborate revenge against the Hispanic gang, Moishe seeks to impress on him the dangers of hatred and the importance of forgiveness,...

Car Camping
Mark Sundeen
December 2005
Book Description
A riotous, beautiful, totally original road novel masquerading as a travel book. Sundeen’s America, comprised of equal parts Gorgeous and Awful, absolutely shimmers with life. The prose is pure, wild, naïve, and poetic; the characters leap off the page in the dunderheadedness and sincerity. A brilliant an auspicious debut.
—George Saunders A stunningly wonderful writer. Sundeen’s prose is sparse but the images he creates are alive and infinite. This is a book to be savored and remembered.
—Hubert Selby Jr.

About the Author
Mark Sundeen was born in 1970 in Harbor City, California. He is the author of The Making of Toro and was cofounder of Great God Pan Magazine. His work appears in the New York Times, Outside, McSweeney’s and...

Evil Companions
Michael M. Perkins
December 2002
Book Description
The first American novel to be banned in England since Hubert Selby Jr.’s Last Exit to Brooklyn, Evil Companions is one of the most controversial books of the 1960s. Exploring the direct connection between pleasure and pain, D. M. Perkins dreams up a scenario of what it would have been like had the hippie generation actually been as debauched and perverted as conservative onlookers believed it to be. Delving into forbidden sexuality, Evil Companions is a shocking and intriguing novel.

From the Publisher
In New York City during the tumultuous waning years of the Sixties, a young couple explores the nether regions of the erotic unconscious. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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