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Last Bridge Home
Iris Johansen
August 1992
Mass Market Paperback
Book Description
A young widow befriends a mysterious stranger, only to find herself drawn irrevocably into a strange world of fear and fascination, where she is unable to tell friend from foe, lover from enemy.

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Catherine Mulvany
June 1998
Book Description
Could a strange glowing crystal hold the secrets of a generation?

Was she a ghost sent to drive him mad? Teague Harris wondered when the woman he knew as Kirsten appeared without warning.  Shea McKenzie insisted she knew nothing of his vanished fiancée, yet she couldn't explain why she'd been drawn to this town--nor deny Teague's anguished plea for her help.  But when she began remembering things she couldn't know, Shea feared what her masquerade had unleashed.  Was Teague her destiny .  .  .  or her destroyer?

Darkly sensual and deeply emotional, Catherine Mulvany's tale of passion, mystery, and murder teaches us that love can be stronger than death--and desire more powerful still.  Bound by a longing she barely understood, she'd...

Ultimate Surrender
Jill Shalvis
September 1997

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