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Complete Idiot's Guide to Hiking, Camping, and the Great Outdoors
Michael Mouland
Sept 1999
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Shows the reader everything they need to know to plan an outdoor excursion with minimum cost and fuss and maximum fun. The book gives advice on choosing a tent, sleeping bag and hiking boots; how to pack; and how to navigate trails with a compass and map. --This text refers to the Digital edition.

How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art
Kathleen Meyer
September 1994
Book Description
An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art Our once-pristine wildlands are threatened by ever increasing problems of pollution. Since its first publication in 1989, How to Shit in the Woods has been adopted by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere as part of the solution. In this updated edition, outdoorswoman Kathleen Meyer reviews the newly available portable potties, with special attention to individual trekkers in an all-new chapter, "Plight of the Solo Poop Packer." Other topics include: the growing array of travelers' field water-disinfecting systems, Giardia contamination and the now infamous critter Cryptosporidium, crotch-accessible clothing for women, and a fresh batch of "worst experience" stories, all peppered with irreverent musings. For the purist, there are more wise t.p.-less techniques from the Old...

Weekend Adventure Getaways Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Santa Cruz
Richard Harris
Feb 2004
Book Description
Ulysses Press's Weekend Adventure Getaways guides break the mold of traditional travel guides to meet the needs of today's active travelers. Combining descriptive ideas for both traditional travel and outdoor recreation, these guides allow modern-day adventurers to incorporate the elements they want into the ultimate personalized getaway. Weekend Adventure Getaways Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Santa Cruz features complete camping details of 17 campgrounds with descriptions of setting and services, and recommends hotels, motels, resorts, and bed-and-breakfasts for every budget, from funky waterfront surfer motels and historic beach resorts to upscale retreat centers and intimate coastal inns. The book details the area's top attractions for those with and without children and highlights popular activities, including 86...

Everest Book Two: The Climb (Everest Series), Vol. 2
Gordon Korman
September 2002
Book Description
The youngest expedition ever to attempt an Everest climb has begun. But the trouble starts long before they reach the summit. Competition is fierce. Conditions are harsh. And the trek from Base Camp proves a challenge that not all the contestants can meet . . . with disastrous results.

Parent's Guide to Hiking & Camping
Alice Cary
June 1997
Book Review
This unique guide has all the information any parents could need in order to enjoy the outdoors with their children. The author covers everything from car camping to backpacking to campsite fundamentals. Filled with color photos, drawings, helpful tips, and information about kid-specific products, this guide will lead parents every step of the way toward providing family-friendly outdoors experiences.

New Star-Ledger, 6 December 1998
Colorfully illustrated with good how-to directions and art, the books--which have durable plastic covers and water-resistant pages--cut to the chase of a given activity....The "Parents' Guide to Hiking & Camping" is a must-have for any inexperience adult camper intending to take children into the outdoors.

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Take a Hike, Snoopy!
Charles M. Schulz
June 2002
Book Description
Level 2: Reading Independently• More complex stories• Varied sentence structure• Paragraphs and short chaptersFollow Snoopy, the world-famous Beagle Scout! He leads Woodstock and friends into the wilderness. together they hike through thunderstorms, cross tall bridges, and have other adventures in the great outdoors!

Card catalog description
The world famous Beagle Scout takes his eager bird troops on a camping and hiking trip that turns out to be very different from what Snoopy planned.

Travel & Adventure Journal
National Geographic Society
May 2001

L.L. Bean Hiking and Backpacking Handbook
Keith McCafferty


Backwoods Ethics
Laura Waterman
Jan 2003
A classic of backpacking literature.

Humorous, intelligent, thoughtful and kindly...a down-to-earth guide to low-impact camping.

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Backpacker's Field Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Backcountry Skills
Rick Curtis
May 2005
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
Chapter 1: Trip Planning

•Group Size and Ability
•Location and Weather
•Expect the Unexpected
•Skill Development

•During the Trip
•On Your Return

•Trip Difficulty Rating

•Travel Logistics
•Choosing Campsites
•Estimating Travel Times
•Time Control Plan

•Resupply Issues



Planning a trip requires more than simply deciding where to go and when. Whether...

Don't Get Sick
Buck Tilton
Mar 2002

Get Lost! (Katie Kazoo Series #6)
Nancy E. Krulik
March 2003
Book Description
Katie Carew (nicknamed Katie Kazoo by the class bully) always wished that she could be anyone but herself. Now her wish has come true - and she keeps turning into other people!

Katie's class is going on a two-day science field trip to Nature School. The Nature School counselor is named Genie-Genie the Meanie! Genie is very strict and doesn't want the kids to have any fun. She's ruining the field trip! When Katie turns into Genie and is left leading her class on a hike, she gets them totally lost! Back in her own body, how will Katie get things on track again?

Illustrated by John and Wendy.

Card catalog description
Katie Carew's third-grade class spends three days at Science Camp, where Katie magically changes places with the strict Head Counselor while on a...

Winter Hiking & Camping
Michael Lanza
Oct 2003
Billings Gazette
This will give newbies a good base on winter backcountry use, whether they camp or not.

Book Description
Cold is your friend. Embrace it—hit the trail and camp even when the temps are down. The outdoor world in its frozen state can take you into a new realm of pleasure where you can enjoy silence, solitude, and a landscape that will redefine "white" in your mind. Learn the skills to help you enjoy it safely and comfortably. Part one covers everything you need to know to make day trips hiking, snowshoeing, or easy ski touring into the backcountry in freezing temperatures. It includes choosing gear, expanded food choices while "hiking in a freezer," navigation challenges in ice and snow, and avoiding cold-weather dangers. Part two covers making camp in winter, including...

Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping: Explore Alaska and the Yukon with RV or Tent
Mike Church
April 2005
Book Description
Detailed routes and advice for heading into the wilds of Alaska and northwestern Canada are provided in this guide for RV and tent campers. This grand tour of Alaska covers in detail the Alaskan Highway, routes throughout the Yukon and Alaskan outback, and the ferry system in southeast Alaska. Campgrounds throughout the region are listed with pictures, descriptions of amenities and recreational opportunities, maps, and contact information for each. Important details are discussed, including border crossings, budget planning, vehicle preparation or renting an RV, appropriate clothing, road conditions, and possible wildlife encounters. Recreational information on hiking, mountain biking, boating, rafting, kayaking, and viewing wildlife is also included.

Utah's National Parks
Ron Adkison
June 2003
Book Review
If you are planning a tour of Utah's national parks, this guide should prove handy if not essential. It includes easy strolls and multiday backbreakers for Bryce, Capital Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, and Zion. In all, it describes 123 hikes in a user-friendly format. Easy-to-read info blips provide data for hike distances, elevations, difficulty ratings, hazards, and in-seasons. Each hike also includes an ample route description and a few tips thrown in for good measure. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Book Description
Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands offer remote and unspoiled wilderness and perhaps the finest backcountry recreation in the nation. Detailed descriptions of 125 hikes, ranging from brief strolls to demanding,...

100 Hikes in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Russ Manning
October 1999
The Knoxville News-Sentinel
It is one of the most informative and eaiest to use Smokies hiking guidebooks you'll find.

Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh, PA
Manning has obviously done his homework. He knows the dips and typography of each trail and mountain the way Mark Twain knew the bends and eddies of the Mississippi River.

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Exploring Eastern Sierra Canyons
Sharon Giacomazzi
Oct 2005
Book Description
Bestselling Sierra hiker/author/historian Giacomazzi’s second book has been published. Sharon has spent the last dozen years exploring the Eastern Sierra to present the multifaceted treasures to be found in Eastern Sierra canyons north of Bishop.This handy guide covers 25 different canyons, some well known, others utterly obscure, but all well worth exploring. Each chapter covers a canyon, presenting at least one or two hikes in detail. She also describes the best campgrounds, which canyons have rustic resorts, where to find the best wildflowers, waterfalls and autumn color, and how to get yourself or your family on horseback in these canyons for those who would rather ride than hike (or do a combination of both). The book includes easy-to-read maps for each canyon by renowned artist and map drawer Marsha Mello....

Desert Sense: Camping, Hiking, and Biking in Hot, Dry Climates
Bruce Grubbs
February 2005
The Cascadian
[Y]ou might just find a tip or two between these covers.

Klamath Falls Herald and News
Provides worthwhile, practical advice.

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Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance
Stephen Herrero
May 2002
"[R] equired reading." --Rocky Mountain News

Trinity Alps Companion
Wayne F. Moss
Sept 1997
Book Description
Discover the Trinity Alps! Whether you seek mountaintops, solitude, or golden trout, the Trinity Alps have it all! Wayne Moss' forty years of experience in the Alps covers every mountain, lake, creek, and trail in this magnificent wilderness. State-of-the-art cartography will help you visualize and navigate the landscape. Trails, peaks, lakes, and many other features are identified. This book will help you enjoy all that this spectacular wilderness has to offer with special chapters on camping, fishing, and wilderness running.

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