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Lonely Planet Romania and Moldova
Cathryn Kemp
July 2004
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Enjoy picturesque castles in Dracula's homeland, breathtaking vistas in the Carpathian mountains, dynamic nightlife in stylish Bucharest and sun-drenched coastal resorts on the Black Sea. Get under the skin of Romania and Moldova with our compelling guide, the only one to cover both countries. • HIT THE SLOPES, take to the air or head underground with our dedicated Activities chapter • EXPLORE Eastern Europe's "final frontier" of unspoiled countryside and pristine landscapes with the help of enticing highlights and itineraries • EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY - advice on where to find the best bars and bistros to tast Mamaliga and sample Tuica • TALK THE TALK with our practical, comprehensive language chapter • FIND YOUR WAY with over 60 detailed maps covering Transylvania to Transdniestr

Moldova: A Romanian Province Under Russian Rule: Diplomatic History from the Archives of the Great Powers
Marcel Mitrasca
June 2002
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As Romania knocks on the EU?

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What are Moldova, Moldavia, Bessarabia, and Transdniestria; and how did they wind up suspended between Romania and Russia? Mitrasca has sifted through the national archives of Japan, Romania, Great Britain, France and Italy, and presents unpublished excerpts to back up his analysis of diplomatic maneuvering between the World Wars. --This text refers to the Digital edition.

Moldovans: Romania, Russia and the Politics of Culture
Charles King
April 2000

Eastern European Theatre after the Iron Curtain
Kalina Stefanova-Peteva (Editor)
January 2000
"It tells a common story of the battle against the new poverty, of once lavishly funded theaters reduced to penury, or artists surviving against the odds, and fighting back. As a historical account, it is invaluable for all students of the theater. As a record of human determination, it will inspire everyone."
–John Elsom of Honorary President, International Association of Theater Critics

Book Description
An important new survey of Eastern European theater after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
explores all aspects of theater, from playwriting, directing and acting, to repertoire creation and theatre management uses material never previously published on theatre life during the Communist years compares theater before and after the political changes in Albania *...

The Sveshnikov Reloaded
Dorian Rogozenko
September 2005
Book Description
Over the last ten years the Sveshnikov variation of the Sicilian Defence has become an immensely popular opening, played regularly at all levels. Top players of various styles have used it frequently, including Kramnik, Leko, Shirov and Kasparov. In this book Romanian grandmaster Dorian Rogozenko describes the current conditions surrounding this important opening. He comprehensively reviews modern practice and adds his own original analysis and conclusions. Impeccable in its theoretical accuracy, the true strength of this book lies in Rogozenko’s talent for lucid explanation. With great care, he guides the reader through the complexity to the heart of each position.

About the Author
Dorian Rogozenko has already accumulated a lifetime of achievements. He has represented...

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