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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please click here to contact us.

Q: What is BookFinder.us?

R: BookFinder.us is a super fast meta book search engine and price comparison bookstore. BookFinder.us uses its proprietary technology to retrieve information from more than 60 websites at once, including 2/3 websites from U.S. and the rest from Canada, UK and Australia. It searches new, used and antiquarian books all over the world and you will never be disappointed to get what you want. Once you select an item and click the compare price button, BookFinder.us will search all its 60+ member websites immediately and retrieve prices information as well as shipping, availability and tax information about the item, thus help you to find the best up-to-date price and service of the item with just one click.

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Q: Why use BookFinder.us instead of searching directly from book sites?

R: Book stores only searches for books in their own website for the book and the price. BookFinder.us search and compare price from over 60 bookstores. This feature allow our users to make one search and bring up pricing information from up to 60+ sites. The price presented on our website for each bookstore is the same as going their website and do a search for the book. One search on our website is equivalent to 60+ searches on 60+ sites. Thus, BookFinder.us comparison shopping is the smart way saves time and money.

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Q: I have a one-of-a-kind family emergency preparedness/survival book on Amazon.com. I would like to list it on your great site. Who should I contact? --An author

R: You can email us here with the following infomation: ISBN number, title, description/book review, and image of your book if available. We'll add it to our database as soon as we get the requied infomation.

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Q: How our site would go about partnering with you so that you return search results from our database? -- A bookdealer

R: To become a qualified parnter bookstore with bookfiner.us, your site should be able to provide at least 0.5 million titles, ISBN search support and affiliate program setup.

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Q: I found a price disparity when I make a purchase at my selected store through your site.

R: Email us here the URL to the item shown on our site and the name of the store where you found an error. We will look into the matter and correct any inaccuracies immediately.

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Q: I want buy two books By post, I want to know if you accept order by post? If you accept please state price, and postage to Seychelles.

R: We do not sell books, our website search for lowest price from different book sellers. If you have any question about buying books, you should email the book seller directly. Use the following link below for your book and click the "buy" button to take you to the book sellers.
http://www.bookfinder.us/booksearch/ISBN?query=0749914017(change the ISBN to the one that you wanted)

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Q: How do I bookmark BookFinder.us?

A: To bookmark BookFinder.us, simply do the following:

For Internet Explorer: From your browser menu, click Favorites > Add to Favorites.

For Netscape Navigator: From your browser menu, click the Bookmarks button and then on Add Bookmark.

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